Last month there was a week where Hildegard of Bingen came up four out of five days, sometimes three times a day.

Referenced on NPR, quoted in a book, an offhand comment in a movie.  Why that week?  I vaguely know that Hildegard was a female mystic, that Madeleine L’Engle (one of my light bearers) quoted her occasionally, that probably I should be more familiar with her work. Did I need to read her works that week? Would it have satisfied or sustained me particularly at that time? Was it a message at all?

Are synchronicities just the attractor states of the chaotic system that is my life?

Or maybe I should find some of Hildegard’s music…


Dragon Dream

I always have elaborate dreams.  Whether I’m awake, or not.

In graduate school at Illinois I had a dream where I actually thought “THIS is what my life has been preparing me for!! I know what to do!!”

In the dream my campus was a big, modern set of labs on the side of a mountain that ended in cliffs above an ocean.  Suddenly in the sky there were two dragons. Real, fire breathing dragons that looked pretty much like the Chinese New Year dragon puppets only lots bigger.  They were exquisite and completely at odds with the technological concrete campus below them. I’d been reading fantasy for years. I knew EXACTLY what to do: grab my Chinese and Taiwanese labmates and pump them for all the mythical knowledge they posessed. 

In my dream I grabbed them by the shoulders as they tried to run from the dragons and yelled “Hey! What do you remember from your childhood?  What makes dragons HAPPY? What do they want? We can figure this out!!!” It was only when they had absolutely no answers for me that I began to think “Wait just a minute! Maybe this is a dream and it isn’t my Life Purpose to appease the dragons and save the world…”

I’m afraid this may have been a prescient dream.